view must not be unexpected

view must not be unexpected

Thursday, 23 October 2014

exhibition is over

The long journey of the exhibition has ended we are finished, I have to say when you think about it 6 weeks of research and work all for 1 hour and 30 mins doesn't  sound like its worth it but it's not about that its about learning about life skills that it will all help you in your own journeys it was a great experience I hope I do stuff like that in the future.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Exhibition ends soon.

Right now we have 4 days till the exhibition and everythings gone berserk we have used hundreds of paper stacks and every ones freaking about if its going to be good enough and there was a couple tears two I think it's not going to get any better And I think everyone needs a goodnight sleep until the exhibition.

exhibition presentation

When it comes to exhibition time the last thing you need to think about is what its going to look like but when the time comes you have to think about looks and information, its weird because you have to make it flashy but you need to get the point across although that you probably think wow look at that poster but are you really getting the point of why thats there. 

exhibition group meetings

In the exhibition you get a chance to work in a group of people, and it's a good idea to have meeting's to get on track, when my group had our first meeting we had to really  focus on setting jobs which i think was a good idea and the second won consisted of getting every thing sorted and the third and final on was about bring every thing together for the presentation i think this was a good way to do it and I reckon its going to turn out great.

Why the exhibition will help you in life.

The exhibition is really fun and a good time to take stuff on board because it is filled with great SKILLS for life here's just a couple.

1. social/communication

2. research SKILLS


4. Time management


Exhibition mentor meetings

At the start of the exhibition you are assigned a mentor who is going to help you if you of track or if your out of ideas etc, I found it useful becuse of the positive feedback the mentor gives you and the reassuring statements that boost you confidence about the exhibition, I know that doesn't like much but believe me it is.

Exhibition advice

1.dont be in a group of  3

2.dont go with someone who is going to talk to you constantly about somthing of task

3.keep track of time

4.if you don't think there's no progress take Leadership

5.have fun